LUSH Event Center | Feb 26 | 7p

Miss LUSH 2017 | Feb 26

What's the T?


Contestants will be judged in several rounds of competition. Each round allows the judge to evaluate a different category. Each category carries a minimum and a maximum allowable score. Each category will be evaluated by the Miss Lush 2017 Judges Panel. The categories to be judged are:
1. Creative Couture
2. Interview
3. Talent

Creative Couture

LUSH wants to see who YOU are, for your Creative Couture, please pick something that your drag persona would wear for night on the town.


One week prior to pageant 10 questions will be emailed to you. On pageant night one of the 10 questions will be randomly drawn for you to answer.


Be prepared to showcase your talent! You are allowed up to 10 minutes of stage time to show the judges why you should be the next Miss LUSH. Tech time will be scheduled with each person individually.


1. Miss LUSH: $500 in Cash, Miss LUSH 2017 Crown (pictured above), Monthly Bookings, Use of The LUSH Event Center for Fundraising, Support with Community Outreach.

2. First Runner Up: $300 in Cash, Prize Packages by Miss LUSH 2017 Sponsors.

3. Second Runner Up: $200 in Cash, Prize Packages by Miss LUSH 2017 Sponsors.


Contestants must register and pay the $50 registration fee online at the time of registration. Please have all your drag information and a headshot ready to upload on the registration page.


Official rules and scoring guidelines will be downloadable by contestants at the time of registration.

PLEASE NOTE: Registration Dues are non-refundable.


To Compete, Please Register

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