Finally! New LUSH Website!

Hello and welcome to the new LUSH website! We’ve been been working hard on the this new site behind the scenes for months to make sure it was ready to go and more functional for you. We’ve added a lot of new content and fun surprises for you. Our number one goal was to make sure that the site is not only mobile friendly, but designed for mobile. Here are some of the new features you will see on the site. 

  • New designed for mobile interface
  • Daily drink specials on the “Drinks” page
  • Expanded “Food” pages detailing all the menus and an all new Catering Menu for your special events
  • An ALL NEW calendar and ticketing system, color coded so events are easy to find. 
  • An ALL NEW “Entertainment” section to show off what we do best. You can find detailed information about all of our weekly and monthly shows, learn about the cast for each show and learn about the producers of the shows. 
  • A redesigned “Groups” section to learn more and book your special events with us. 
  • An ALL NEW blog! We will highlight community members, interview community members who have something to say, highlight information about events, post pictures from events and talk about issues with our community. We will also use this section for important bulletins like show cancellations, snow days, fire sale/discount tickets and public statements.
  • Want to learn more about LUSH? In the new “About” section you can learn who we are as a company, our values and how we got started. Under the About section there is now a new FAQ section to answer all your questions. We will also be posting pictures in About>Pictures. 

Feedback is always welcome, please let us know if we missed something or if there is some content you would like to see, we are all ears. We hope you enjoy the new site and that it makes it easier to find the information you are looking for. 

~Much love from all of us at LUSH


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