What is The Artist's Charity Cabaret?

A charity cabaret that puts all kinds of different performers, from singers, to burlesque to drag to poetry. Any kind of act that wants to go on stage! This show, shows all kinds of art as well as donating to charity.

When to catch the show

The Artist’s Charity Cabaret is the first Tuesday of each month at 9p.

Show sponsors

Jason Bucklin Photography

Lala Chatte

She | Lala is one part Betty Boop and one part angry feminist, LaLa Chatte is a NB draglesque artist that demands the stage whether shes singing a ballad, stripping down to her corset, or performing political charged numbers you never know what this kitten will drag onto the stage.

Jenna Cis

She/him/theirs | Jenna is Minneapolis’ premier genderfucking trash f*ggot! Dragging their way to expressive freedom and spitting in the face of cis-heteronormativity, Jenna centers themselves in intersectional feminism forged by the likes of Audre Lorde, Bell Hooks, and Gloria Anzaldua. You can find her spreading her filth across the TC’s, performing at the Gay 90’s, Feels Worldwide, LUSH, and beyond. Join her at Bryant Lake Bowl for his premier show, Gender Treachery with Jenna Cis

Seven Bailey

Seven Bailey (@butchcharming )is well-known for her talents, intelligence, and charm here in the Twin Cities and well beyond. Welder, fire-artist, and teacher by day, and producer, host, dj, and master chef at night, Seven has been profiled by PBS’s “SciGirls” series and Lavender Magazine, speaks regularly at the State Capital and at local schools to encourage women and POC participation in and funding for STEM careers. She is the co-owner of Sweet Soiree Events with her burlesque star wife, Sweetpea, and also co-produces the Titan of Tease Legends Showcase at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend in Las Vegas. Currently she splits her time between the Twin Cities and Atlanta, teaming up with Formations Studios to fabricate a monument for the city of Minneapolis.